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Overview of payment network partnership

Payment network partnership aims to provide overseas payment services based on a direct payment network (Network-to-Network) between local payment service providers by country.

These services enable customers to use various payment brands (card, e-wallet and QR) at online and offline card merchants of the partnering country.

Cost-effective global payments service

Advantages of payment network partnership

The payment network partnership facilitates overseas payment services in an independent and cost-effective manner.

Why Partner with
BC Card?


As the nation’s No. 1 acquirer, BC Card supports all types of payment methods (IC card/MS card/e-wallet/QR) leveraging its extensive network of card/QR merchants (3.2 million).


BC Card is a payment network company, providing end-to-end processing and issuing services on behalf of the nation’s 40 financial institutions. BC Card boasts the largest number of cardholders in Korea and owns “Paybooc”, a digital payment application that facilitates overseas QR payments.