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BC Card and Dunamu to launch NFT/Metabus-based Credit Card

2022. 02. 21

BC Card and Dunamu to launch NFT/Metabus-based Credit Card


- South Korea's first business agreement between blockchain-based fintech company and credit card company
- NFT and Metabus-based collaboration with the launch of the Private Labelled Credit Card (PLCC)
- Start research together to expand new digital customer experience in the future

BC Card (CEO Choi Won-seok) announced on the February 21 that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Dunamu (CEO Lee Seok-woo), a blockchain and fintech company, to provide innovative services that combine blockchain technology, metabuses, and cards.


Key figures of each company including BC Card CEO Choi Won-seok, BC Card Head of Customer Group Seo Guh-jung, Dunamu Vice Chairman Kim Hyung-nyeon, Dunamu CEO Lee Seok-woo, and Dunamu COO Jeong Min-seok attended the signing ceremony.


Through business agreements, the two companies will release "Dunamu BC Card," a Private Labelled Credit Card (PLCC), and collaborate to expand future digital customer experiences.


For example, if you purchase a specific product offline using the Dunamu BC Card, the product will be issued as NFT(Non-fungible Token), and this NFT can be used as an item on Dunamu's meta-bus platform "Second Block." In addition, it plans to continue various attempts and research based on the experiences and know-how of the two companies.


Dunamu Vice Chairman Kim Hyung-nyeon said, "Dunamu and BC Card will provide innovative service experiences that will lead the mega trend of the digital economy together," adding, "We expect new technologies such as NFT and Metabus to become useful in real life through the efforts of the two companies."


"This business agreement is the first case in South Korea to promote collaboration between credit card, fintech, and blockchain", said Choi Won-seok, CEO of BC Card. "We will research and pioneer together to expand our business areas in the future." He added, "We will promote active business partnerships in various fields so that BC Card customers can expand their new digital financial experience."


Meanwhile, Dunamu is serving the most trusted global standard digital asset exchange "Upbit," the nationwide unlisted stocks trading platform "Securities Plus".


Recently, NFT trading platform 'Upbit NFT' and meta-bus platform 'Secondblock' have been introduced as well.